Those Painful Emotions

Painful emotions are those which come to the surface at inconvenient times and cause embarrassment. Loss causes grief. Grief suppressed produces brokenness. Brokenness left unattended promotes depression. Depression births hopelessness. You wonder- • What is it that brought me to this place? • Where do I run? • How do I find the words to explain something I don’t understand? • Who can I talk to who won’t think I have gone mad? If the above questions echo the ponderings of your heart, this book was written for you. Within these pages, you will find the source of help, hope, and healing.

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The Bondage Cycle

The Bondage Cycle:

“Bondage”, the very word sends shivers down the spine of anyone who has fallen prey to the monster. The victim feels helpless to be able to change. Is there a greater feeling of hopelessness than being controlled by something or someone?
Breaking the Cycle
The Bondage Cycle
 During an extended crisis, escape techniques that have been your comfort for years become more habitual. Pesky little temptations that have plagued a person for a lifetime unexpectedly become persistent. Persistent temptations become obsessions, and before you know it, obsessions become bondage.


Recovery from a dependency or bondage does not take place on its own. There are no instant fixes, beyond a miracle. It takes a plan of action. It takes purpose, determination, perseverance, commitment, hard work and time. Healing brokenness requires deliberate steps toward healing.

Step One: Break Out of Denial

Denial is the refusal to see something in light of reality. You insist you’re not dependent; that you can stop your habit at any time you choose. One way to determine if you are “hooked” is to stop the activity and see how it affects you.
Denial refuses to see how your activity is negatively affecting your life and family. Often the recovery process is set in place as a result of a crisis. Coming to an understanding of the pain you are causing yourself and your loved ones is usually the first step toward recovery. An individual will not change until the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the fear of change.